GreatUniHack is a free 24 hours hackathon where you work in a team with up to 3 other hackers to build crazy stuff over the weekend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is going to be there?

A lot of mentoring from industry experts, and volunteers to provide you with help you may need. A lot of fun mini side events, challenges and team building sessions. Of course food, drinks, and swag are provided all completely free of charge!

Who are the people behind this event?

We are tech societies from The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University We are extremely passionate about hackathons and tech events and we have run GreatUniHack successfully for 3 years in Manchester. As well as some other events like workshops and meetups. Check out our rich history.

Who can attend?

As this event spans overnight, GreatUniHack is restricted to students above the age of 18. Proof of ID is required to participate. If you graduated during the last 12 months you're still considered a student. Any more than that and you'll have to email us as we deal with these on a case-by-case basis.

What should I bring?

Bring your laptop, phone and chargers. Other things to consider: spare clothes, adapters, hardware and a sleeping bag, oh and don't forget your enthusiasm!

We are going to provide you with all food, swag and drinks you will need to keep you going.

I haven't coded much. Should I come?

Definitely. Networking with and seeing awesome hackers in action will expose you to a tremendous amount of knowledge. We also have an amazing suit of industry experts and mentors that are happy to assist you! Still unsure? Then please read this.

Who owns my IP/code/idea?

You own all the rights to your intellectual property. We won't claim any right over anything made during this event.

I don't have a team. Help?

Don't let that discourage you ― it is actually part of the fun! You will have 3 new friends by the end of the weekend. A team building session will be organized to help you form teams. We encourage everyone to use Devpost to find teammates.

Are there any rules?

You can't submit a pre-existing projects for prizes. We are strict about following MLH Code of Conduct.

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Manchester Science Park

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Past Events

GreatUniHack 2014


GreatUniHack 2014

Hosted by CSSoc, 1UP and Miso Zmiric, the very first GreatUniHack was exclusive to students from The University of Manchester. It lasted 8 hours and featured 20 teams with a total of 80 attendees.

GreatUniHack 2015S


GreatUniHack Spring 2015

Organized by a new team that formed a partnership with Major League Hacking, the second edition of GreatUniHack brought together 180 hackers from 5 different European countries. 52 projects were submitted by the end of the 36th hour.

Local Hack Day



A 12 hours event that is focused on learning. With a total of 24 workshops, 150 aspiring computer scientists from all across Manchester came to take part in this educational, hacky environment.


Add this schedule to your calendar!

When What Where
10:00-11:00 Registration Reception
10:45-11:15 Team Netsol: Agile Development Main conference room
11:20-11:50 WebappsUK: Hacks for Hacks Main conference room
12:00-13:00 Opening ceremony! Main conference room
12:45-13:00 Lunch from Subway. The atrium
13:00-13:30 First time Hacker meetup Workshop room 1 Orange
13:00-13:30 Women in Computer Science meetup Workshop room 2 Blue
15:00-15:30 Hands on workshop with CDL Workshop room 3
18:00 Dinner - Curry (cus currymile loljk) The atrium
20:00-20:30 MLH: Bloomberg Slideshow karoke Main conference room
23:00 Pre-midnight pizza The atrium
When What Where
00:00-01:00 FunTime with Seb: Werewolf The atrium
03:00 CAKE O'CLOCK The atrium
07:00 Breakfast buffet The atrium
08:00-11:00 FunTime with Seb: 2 rooms and a boom Workshop room 1 - 2
13:00 CURRY TIME (seriously why did we order so much curry) The atrium
13:30-15:45 Science fair and demos Everywhere
15:45 Top 10 demos (2 minutes + Q&A) Main conference room
16:30 Closing ceremony + Prizes Main conference room
17:00 Coaches leave, everyone leave All good things comes to an end
18:00 Preparation for GreatUniHack March Website


City labs

Nelson St


M13 9NQ